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A Guide To Car Taxation Charged By DVLA

Speed is highly appreciated by everyone in this fast moving materialistic world. Possessing a personal car in this age seems not only a symbol of status but a necessity for easing your commutation and making the day soothing. More than being a vehicle, a car seems more of an asset adding sophistication to your life. However with this pleasure come overheads cutting short your pocket. Not only for maintenance but you also need to pay certain taxes to run the car on the road. Car taxes are something which every vehicle owner has to pay in every country which is set as per the taxation rules prevailing there. Concerning the UK, this tax is collected by DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Introduction Of Car Taxes In The United Kingdom


Car taxes which are collected by DVLA were first introduced by the UK government in the year 2008. These car taxes were introduced as Carbon Dioxide based car taxes which charged the car owner depending on the amount of carbon dioxide their vehicle emitted. This was done mainly keeping the environmental considerations into motion so as to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the air thereby preventing air pollution. The new tax rates in a way help with the promotion of greenery and direct the car owners in getting environment-friendly cars.

A Brief About DVLA

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) which came into existence as DVLC is responsible for issuing a driving license, number plate registrations, and collection of taxes. In brief, it is an agency operating under the government of UK and is authorized for maintaining a record of details about all cars in the United Kingdom and all the drivers in Great Britain. The agency functions directly under the government’s transport department with its head office set up at Swansea in South Wales. The agency also has 53 local offices operating under it all set up in and around Great Britain.

Importance Of SORN


If you have a car in the UK, payment of the car tax is a must even if you do not drive it and have stored it as a status symbol on the public road adjoining your apartment. In case you keep your car off the road, you need to possess a SORN or Statutory OFF Road Notification and show it to the agency when demanded. On the contrary, you will be liable to taxation for the same. In such a case if you wish to get into a debate, be ready for your car to be removed or its wheel is clamped.

How Are Tax Rates Imposed?

UK government charge taxes on the basis of each gram of CO2 emitted per kilometer the car travels. Also, the government tags your car with a Band considering the CO2 it produced. Those cars emitting up to 100g/km of CO2 are tagged band A while those with 101-120h/km are tagged B and so on. Those owners whose vehicle is tagged A and B are exempted from paying higher tax rates while vehicles are emitting CO2 beyond this tag are prone to higher taxation rates. With Electronic vehicle licensing, DVLA allows you to make the payment of these car taxes via phone or online and once you pay the car tax, you are required to put a valid taxation disc on display at the front window as proof. Once you have cleared off the tax, you can keep yourself free from the hassle of non-payment.

How To Get A Perfect And Detailed Information Using Your DVLA Number

A DVLA number plate can be of great help when you are using the same for your purpose. You will need that for your own use and even at the time when you are going to buy a second-hand car. This is something that you have not heard before. Naturally, your interest and queries are peeping up in the mind. You can get the full support here from this article. Just get through the different features and you will easily identify why it is necessary for a car purchase.

During a car purchase, you will need to know more about the car. To know more, there are some of the different features that will be shown to you, once you provide the DVLA details on the website. The details can also be known if you give a call to the DVLA phone number. So, you can choose any one method for the same.

Driving License Details

The first information that you will get from the site regards the holder of the driving license. The person who is owning the car right now must be having a driving license with him or her. It is important to know about the person, and the driving license will serve the purpose.

Tax Clearance For The Car

The second thing that you must note here is the tax that is paid for the car. If the taxes of the car are not paid properly, the burden will be falling on you, after you hold that car. So, it is important to know that the car owner has properly paid all its taxes. This is going to give you the full details of the car.


Some Fringe Taxes

There are some of the other things that you will also know about the car, after checking out the DVLA number. One of them is about the SORN details. This will tell you something about how much the car has been on the roads. The second thing that you will learn from the website or from the DVLA phone number is about the MOT. MOT is all about the different taxes that are related to the pollution. So if you are finding that all are paid, that vehicle is ready for you.

Check Out From The Portals

The above things are some of the top facts that you will have to check out. Better support for the tools, better your details. There are some of the facts that you need to know. Get the information and feel the safety in your work. You are going to get the complete details either from the website or by calling at the customer care. So, get in touch and find the right support in all possible ways.

It is true that you are going to get a good quality car, but along with the quality of the car, you need to find whether the taxes of the car and the different other charges are all clear or not. The total information is available with your DVLA number. So access that and find the correct support.

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